Importance of Having Straight Teeth

Two things are important – time and a first impression. And on a first impression, people notice your eyes and teeth. In contrast, you might be able to control your eyes; it is practically impossible to control your teeth! Sincerely, a bright, straight smile is aesthetically pleasing to look at, but having aligned teeth go far beyond having a beautiful smile.

Having aligned teeth has oral and mental benefits and prevents an array of medical issues. Here at Aesthetic Dental, we understand that many teenagers and adults are apprehensive about teeth straightening. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of long-term health benefits for getting your teeth straightened.

Aligned Teeth are Easier to Clean

Crooked, overcrowded, or overlapping teeth are hard to clean, as they create hidden pockets that your brush can’t reach. Over time, food particles are trapped, causing plaque buildup, and bacteria multiply faster. It is essential to know that unaligned teeth pose a severe challenge to the bristles of a toothbrush, making it impossible to get in-between teeth and reach the buildup entirely. Aligned teeth are easier to floss and brush. There’s sufficient room for the toothbrush bristles to get in between your teeth and clean them properly. When you clean your teeth well, you prevent bad breath, and your gums are healthier.

Low Risk of Wear and Tear

When your teeth are correctly aligned, they handle chewing without any issue, but the same cannot be said of misaligned or crooked teeth. Eating is difficult as the teeth move against each other, causing tooth wear and tear. The teeth enamel erodes faster, causing sensitivity, pain, and discoloration. Straight teeth allow you to eat comfortably by chewing and biting correctly. Every meal is a pleasure because there is no pain or discomfort.

Clear and Improved Speech

Your teeth play a pivotal role in your speech. Crowded, gapped, or protruding teeth can negatively affect your speaking patterns or speech impediments. Crooked teeth can result in losing teeth early, which can cause even more speech issues. Speaking clearly and concisely boost your self-confidence; therefore, aligned teeth can be an excellent way to improve your speech and help you speak with confidence.

Prevent Jaw Pain

Crooked, unaligned teeth tend to alter the jaw because they put extra pressure on your gum, jaw, and supporting bone. Practically, the temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects your jaw to your skull. When these joints and muscles are irritated by the strain generated by misaligned teeth, you will find yourself dealing with earaches, headaches, jaw pains, and sometimes dizziness. When your teeth are straightened, you achieve the proper jaw alignment. Your jaw muscles are more relaxed, and you would experience no clenching, teeth grinding, and pain. Aligned teeth allow you to live better, eat and smile comfortably, and improve your overall quality of life.

The Risk of Cracking or Breaking is Reduced

Crooked teeth, because they are misaligned, put you in danger of a crack or break in the event of a fall or accident. If your teeth are straight, there’s more protection against chips, breakage, sores, or cracks.

Aligned Teeth Prevent Gum Diseases

Because of the difficulty of cleaning crooked teeth, it is more likely to cause gum disease known as periodontal disease – an infection that damages the tissues that support your teeth. The gum isn’t the only part of your body at risk; the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone around the tooth can also be affected. This can cause discomfort, and you might experience bleeding when you brush. Over time, the infection caused chronic inflammation and severe damage to the soft tissues, and if it continues unchecked, teeth can start to move due to lack of bone support. Therefore, it is essential to keep your gums disease-free to improve your health, and getting your teeth aligned is the simplest way to do that.

Better Digestion Results from Aligned Teeth

Straight teeth are better for chewing. And chewing is the initial process for digestion. Therefore, when you chew your food more effectively because your teeth are aligned, the bacteria in your stomach work better, preventing indigestion.

Increases Self Confidence

Crooked teeth have a psychological impact on your looks. It keeps you from smiling and feeling happy about the way you look; there’s the feeling of embarrassment. Smiling is a sign of confidence, so having an imperfect smile can hold you back from living the life you deserve. By straightening your teeth, you’re much more likely to have a beautiful, healthy smile that can make you feel more confident about yourself. The benefits are apparent: you increase your self-confidence, which can help you make new friends, improve your current relationships, and even boost your career!

A first impression is crucial but not as important as the benefit you gain from a healthy smile with the help of your beautiful, straight teeth. Healthy straight teeth have more significant benefits than your smile; they have a powerful influence on your overall health. If you feel bad about yourself because of your unaligned or crooked teeth affecting your self-esteem, book an appointment with Aesthetic Dental . We are pleased to provide quality orthodontic treatment in North Bergen, New Jersey and neighboring cities Edgewater, NJ, Fort Lee, NJ, Union City, NJ, Fairview, NJ and Manhattan, NY. Schedule your free consultation today