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Dr. Chithra Durgam, DDS

Dr. Durgam

Did you like going to the dentist as a child, or even now as an adult? Meet the dentist, mother, and business owner who has been featured in the #1 NY Times Bestseller book by Gary Vaynerchuk, “Crushing It” for her innovative use of social media to bring more patients to her dental practice and making it fun to go to the dentist.

Her innovative approach to using social media and specifically video to tell stories about the various procedures are what attracts even the youngest child to want to meet this dynamic lady who is also a keen advocate for women, especially in the workplace. Chithra says herself, that although social media has helped her grow her practice, fundamentally her patients still remain her core focus and making sure they receive the best treatment and answers to all their concerns. Although she provides all the mainstream dental services- cosmetic dentistry is her passion.

“I enjoy cosmetic dentistry. When my patients cry from happiness because of their new smile, that is the best feeling”

Although Chithra caters to everybody, don’t be surprised when you arrive at her practice and see a familiar face that you know from TV or some highly followed sports type.

She attracts some very high profile clientele to her practice with her innovative approach to dentistry but also from creating sports-focused (specifically basketball and pro-football) range of mouthguards. Her selection of “Roar Mouthguards” are very popular as they are produced with custom detail which includes images and mascots provided by the client, making for very individual pieces.

Doing Things Differently

What makes Chithra different from others in her field is that going to her practice is an experience to be enjoyed, not dreaded. Her practice is 100% digital, she offers warm peppermint scented towels, neck pillows, hot beverages, and her patients even get to watch Netflix while they are receiving treatment. She prides herself on the customer service experience.

This sets her apart from her peers and also provides an example of what is possible when you do things differently. Chithra Durgam is also determined to help other healthcare professionals and business owners succeed by breaking the “cookie cutter” social media and customer service offerings for businesses. This she does by speaking at conferences, dental practices, and businesses about her thinking around using social media.


As a maverick in her branding methods, she has developed a strategy that works for her and can help others also, no matter the niche or industry. The following are a list of her contributions and achievements:

Slated for 2021

  • Cover of DEW Magazine Winter 2021



  • Good Day New York Fox 5 NYC- June 2020
  • Keynote Speaker at Harvard Medical School- Voice of Healthcare Summit August 2020
  • Speaker at Icons of Dentistry by Ultradent Products- July 2020
  • Voice of Branding- July 2020
  • Women|Future Conference November 2020



  • Speaker at Project Voice- Personal Branding and Voice Skills, Chattanooga, TN,  January 2020
  • Volunteer for Team Smile to provide dental care for underserved youth at MetLife Stadium in Coordination with the NY Giants, May 2019
  • YouTube channel “Chit-Chat” with Dr. Durgam
  • Honoree at Eido Swimwear Wonder Woman Initiative Presentation, February 2019
  • Appearing in the national Comcast commercial The Pitch, July 2018
  • Icons of Dentistry” Speaker at Ultradent, June 2018- She spoke as a social media expert
  • Speaker “Our Journey to Business Success”, May 2018
  • Featured on Benco’s Incisal Edge Magazine, “Why are Kids Begging Their Parents to be seen be Dr. Durgam
  • Featured in March 2018, 201 Magazine Best of Bergen Issue
  • Appeared on Good Day New York Fox 5 NY discussing the importance of flossing disputing an AP study that flossing regularly may not be necessary
  • Guest on Social Chatter: Social Media News and Tools
  • Guest on Dr. Mudgil’s podcast Sept 2018
  • Featured in Women’s Dental Entrepreneur Magazine, Fall 2018
  • Featured in Women's Dental Entrepreneur Magazine, May 2019
  • Women’s Dentist Journal book review “You: The Smart Patient” by Dr. Mehmet Oz
  • She has a double degree in History and Biology from Washington University in St. Louis with a Dental Degree from Northwestern University Dental School. She gave her dental school commencement speech next to then Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher
  • Member of the Board of Trustees with Bergen CASA
  • Member of the Board of Trustees for the Hudson Dental Society.
  • Owner of Aesthetic Dental and Roar Mouthguards
  • With over 15 years of business experience, she can provide guidance with managing and marketing a business to be competitive in the 21st century
  • Volunteers with the Snoop Special Stars league started by Snoop Dogg to provide custom mouthguards for specials needs athletes.