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May 28, 2019
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For most people, the cosmetic effects of tooth loss can be devastating. Missing teeth can have an impact on everything from self-esteem and confidence to personal and professional prospects. But tooth loss can also negatively impact your oral and even general health. Implants are the only dental restoration that replaces missing teeth from root to crown, which helps to prevent bone loss, one of the main side effects of tooth loss. Dr. Chithra Durgam and Dr. Leah Friedman, the dentists at Aesthetic Dental in North Bergen, NJ, recommend implants for adult patients suffering from partial or full tooth loss.

Improve Your Smile with Dental Implants in North Bergen, NJ

When a tooth falls out or gets extracted, the bone tissue in the gums begins to erode. Over time, this can lead to complications and Dental Implantsincrease your risk of periodontitis (gum disease). Bone loss can also cause your teeth to shift and even become loose over time. Implants help to prevent bone loss, and encourage the growth of healthy new bone tissue.

How Dental Implants Work

In order to qualify for dental implants, you must have enough bone density in your jawbone to support the implant. Once the dentist has performed a comprehensive exam and determined that you are a good candidate for implants, the implant will be surgically placed in the socket of the missing tooth. After the implant has healed and fused with the surrounding bone tissue, the cosmetic crown is attached in a separate procedure.

With good oral hygiene and follow up dental care, implants have a very high success rate and provide a long term, permanent solution to tooth loss.

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